Festa del Redentore in Venice

July 15 Festa del Redentore in Venice

One of the most colorful events of the year and the most spectacular water event of Venice is the festival of Festa del Redentore (Festa del Redentore), which is also called a celebration in honor of the Savior. The festival is held annually on the third weekend of July and traditionally lasts two days. Its history is associated with a terrible plague of the 16th century, which claimed the lives of 50,000 people. Among the dead was one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance Titian. Legend has it that the Venetian Doge Sebastiano Venier promised to build a church for the glory of Jesus Christ on the island of Giudecca, if the epidemic is over. A year later the plague left the city, and the Senate decided every third Sunday of July to be considered a holiday of the Savior. In honor of the holiday from the embankment of Zattere (Zattere) of Rialto Island through the Giudecca canal, a 330-meter-long bridge of connected gondolas is being built at the entrance to the temple, which are decorated with balls, garlands, lanterns. In the church of Redentore on the island of Giudecca there is a solemn procession and mass in the temple of the Savior.


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